Coastal Jacket XM YACHTING red size xl

The Coastal Jacket XM YACHTING red size xl what you will find in XM Yachting Clothing is a garment with many benefits such as being waterproof and lightweight, reformed to be manipulated in the coastal navigation, since it provides a lot of well-being and skill in the movements.

Although, it can also be used by sailors and those who run motorized sailing, since it is made of sturdy polyamide, with a waterproof cover, it is breathable and totally waterproof, which ensures its great durability.

Characteristics of Coastal Jacket XM YACHTING red size xl

  • Mesh fabric lining.
  • 2 closures protected by a double antitorment flap and leakage channel.
  • Adjustable double dolls, an adjustable external wrist with flexible closure and an inner wrist waterproof PU closure.
  • Flap with adjustable closure.
  • Dorsal and inside seam to catch or facilitate draining.
  • 2 large pockets with anti-storm waterproof flaps, retractable lining, evacuation net and ring-key ring.
  • Coupled arms for greater well-being and mobility.
  • Reflective bands, evacuation channel on shoulders, neck and hood.
  • 2 internal pockets, one with zipper and one with Velcro.
  • Elbows with reinforced back for longer duration.
  • High neck of 18 cm and chin guard lined in fleece.
  • Retractable fluorescent hood with reflective tape for greater visibility.
  • Evacuation channel that prevents water from remaining on the face and neck.
  • Excellent visibility with 3 settings that are wide, tall and expensive of the hood.

Benefits of Coastal Jacket XM YACHTING red size xl

  • It is made of polyamide for a longer duration because it is a material that is very resistant to the sea environment and has a water-repellent coating that prevents the water from getting impregnated without sealing the pores of the fabric.
  • The XM YACHTING Coastal Jacket size xl is waterproof, which means that water can not penetrate the fabric for a long period of time, which helps it to remain drained and continue to move even in bad weather.
  • It is breathable, which certifies that the humidity of the perspiration can be dispersed quickly, this allows the person to remain dry during the work.
  • It has a protective collar with a fleece lining that has a lot of advantages such as perspiring, being resistant to water, it does not give difficulties when it comes to washing and drying, and it is also very light.
  • Articulated elbows for a better movement and internal pocket to store the objects that are necessary
  • 3 pins to fix the inflatable vest, providing greater security when used.


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