Orange Watersuit XL Fluorescent

The Orange Watersuit XL Fluorescent is a protective clothing made with high quality materials, which repel water, its fabric is very flexible, it is breathable, it does not hinder movement during the work, it is resistant to deterioration and very durable, so It is suggested to be employed in any boat.

The Orange Fluorescent XL Jacket is orange, fluorescent, water resistant, long and provides great visibility for safety. Your cap is adjustable to evade water and contribute to greater well-being during your employment.

Features of Orange Watersuit XL Fluorescent

  • Waxed in heavy PVC.
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Suitable for work,
  • Orange color.
  • It is fluorescent.
  • Thickness about 1.2 mm.
  • Size L.
  • Double soft lining

Benefits of Fluorescent XL Orange Waters Jacket

  • The Fluorescent XL Orange Water Jacket is produced in thick PVC of the highest quality which makes it a very valuable garment when you are sailing.
  • The jacket is made with high quality materials, making the fabric very soft, breathable, water resistant, resistant to deterioration and lasting.
  • It is a waterproof garment that protects the navigator by keeping him dry while on the high seas in the rain.
  • It is appropriate for the task at sea since it tolerates seawater very well and does not contain the mobility of the person who is using it.
  • It has a radiant orange color and is additionally fluorescent, which produces greater visibility at the moment of being under a humid climate.
  • It has an adjustable cap which helps to keep the individual who uses it much drier, providing more comfort.
  • Double lining made with a very soft, breathable fabric which makes it more comfortable on the skin when used.

Maintenance of Orange Waterscoat XL Fluorescent

The orange water jacket XL Fluorescent is waterproof, but still manages to impregnate water during use, so it is important to follow the following precepts to prolong its durability:

  • Do not squeeze with your hands.
  • After handling the Fluorescent XL Orange Water Jacket, it should be drained in the shade. In any case, it should not be left to dry in the sun because it can be damaged.
  • Never use a powerful detergent to wash it.
  • It should only be stored when it is completely dry otherwise it could deteriorate or impregnate with fungi.


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